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Cat Window Hammock

“Experience the Cat Window Hammock by Purrfect Horizon—a plush retreat that attaches easily to your window. Give your cat a new perspective on life, all while saving floor space in your home.


1. Foldable Feature:

“Seamlessly Foldable – Your View, Uncompromised!”

2. Scratch Posts:

“Double-Sided Scratching – Purr-fect for Claw Play!”

3. Super-Grip Suction:

“Super-Grip Suction – Stability Cats Crave!”

4. Weight Capacity:

“Hold Up to 33lbs – Because Cats Don’t Diet!”

Oversized Suction Cups: “Super-Size Suction Power: Say goodbye to the dreaded slip-and-slide. Our upgraded, oversized suction cups lock tightly in place for a steadfast grip that keeps kitty aloft and aloof!”

Fiberglass Frame Advantage: “Bend-Proof Basking: Dive into the durability of our fiberglass frame, designed to defy bending. It’s the go-to for a secure and sag-free sunbathing session, even for the chunkiest of felines.”

Metal Connectors: “Metal Might for Cat Delights: The integrity of our hammock is unshakable, with metal connectors that stand strong against the most enthusiastic feline pounces.”

Chew-Proof Steel Cords: “The Steel Deal: Our hammock ditches delicate for durable with steel support cords. They’re the ultimate chew-proof warriors, ready to combat the feistiest feline chewers.”

Stress-Free Window Design: “Carefree Cat Lounging: We’ve thoughtfully spaced our suction cups to distribute weight evenly, ensuring your windows stay stress-free and as intact as your peace of mind.”

Exceptional Load Capacity: Fortified Feline Comfort: Support up to 33 lbs, not just a hammock—it’s a pillar of comfort for your fur friend.

User Testimonials

"This hammock has become my cat's favorite spot!"
"Simple to install and even simpler to clean. Love it!"


Yes, it’s designed to hold up to 33 lbs.

The fabric can be easily removed and is machine washable.

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